DAVID KAISER - THE ROAD TO DALLAS: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy




The Road to Dallas

It is almost impossible to produce a detailed work of research without including a few mistakes.  Here are the ones that I have discovered so far, with appropriate corrections. 

p. 59, first paragraph: "at his Miami Sans Souci casino" should be "at his Havana Sans Souci casino."

p. 107, sentence before note 28:  "by his predecessor (Helms)" should read, "by his predecessor (Dulles)"   . 

p. 225, "Butler, amazingly, was not called by the commission or, apparently, even interviewed by the FBI—"

should read:

"Butler, amazingly, was not called by the commission or interviewed at any length by the FBI—"

p, 403  2nd paragraph, "during the remainder of the 1970s" should be "during the remainder of the 1960s."